About Us

GLI Concrete Supply is a full-service concrete supply company, specializing in short loads.

Our state of the art volumetric mixing truck will deliver fresh concrete, made on demand meaning you will only pay for the concrete that you need, with no shortages or overruns.

Servicing the Metro Detroit Area.

How It Works

Things to consider before you call GLI for concrete delivery

Are you working with a company who is going to prepare the area, as well as finish the concrete?

GLI Concrete is strictly just a concrete delivery service, we do not prepare the areas in which the concrete will be poured, and we do not have a crew for finishing the concrete. This will be your responsibility.

Does the truck have direct access to the job site?

Keep in mind the truck weighs in at 70,000 lbs when fully loaded so we will not drive through yards even if requested by our customers. If we cannot get to the job site directly, you may need to consider renting a power buggy that we can haul the concrete from the truck to the job site with. In extra tight places, you may also consider a concrete pump to be used as well - we have these available to rent at an additional cost. Please be sure to note that these items will be needed during your concrete request.

How to decide on what day you have concrete delivered?

When looking to schedule a delivery keep in mind our daily operations are from 7am until 5pm Monday - Friday with Saturday 9am-12pm and Sunday by appointment only. We are able to deliver outside of these hours per special request.

Is there a designated area for you to rinse and thoroughly clean our the tools used during the job?

Normally suggesting an area that has no runoff, you will want to clean out the wheelbarrows, power buggies, and other handheld tools! We will also need to clean certain areas of the truck right away too! Cleaning the concrete while it is still wet is key, dried concrete can be a difficult clean-up.